Our Nurse attendants provide affordable quality medical care for patients within the comfort of their own home. The attendants work under the supervision of qualified Avenue doctors and nurses.

These services are offered to:
-Terminally ill patients; elderly patients; addicted / substance abuse patients; post-surgery patients and general convalescents
-The services are available on a 12 hour or 24 hour daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on the patient’s requirements.The Benefits of Home Based Care:
-Services offered by patient attendants are cost effective and include one weekly visit by a qualified nurse.
-The home environment is familiar and comfortable for the patient. This enhances recuperation.
-Ensures total privacy and freedom for patient
-Reduces the risk of cross infection.
-Medical Equipment is available for purchase or hire.
-One patient attendant per patient with convenient access to an Avenue Hospital Doctor and other hospital services e.g.  laboratory, pharmacy and x-ray services.
-Medical Equipment is available for purchase or hire.